TAG Blockchain

While building Tagbond, we have been faced with the same issues that other companies have, namely the gas fee transaction prices. Our primary aim is to enable creation of Non Fungible Tokens for games and business use, with the secondary aim of ERC20 Tokens representing our PHP Stablecoin, the TAG Token and anything else our customers want. and the cost of Gas is often more than the  cost of Token Creation. So we started looking around for Layer 2 Sidechains, or other options, transaction free if possible.

After investigating further we settled on Quorum, an Ethereum blockchain fork that was initially created and used by JP Morgan, but since August 2020, is now managed by ConsenSys. It is aimed at the enterprise market, with options for transaction privacy, and consensus choice of PoA, IBFT  or RAFT.

We are now in the process of moving from Ethereum Mainnet and Rinkeby Testnet, to TAG Mainnet and Testnet, and building a smart contract bridge to move assets between Ethereum and TAG Blockchains as needed.

Customers will be able to register and authorize transactions using Metamask and other web3 wallets, and partners will be able to join as transaction and validation nodes as needed. We will post more on this as we progress.