TAG Tokens (aka TagCoin)

Once upon a time a long time ago...

I created TagCoin in 2013 (in blockchain terms a lifetime ago) as an experiment at the time, since what I was building at Tagcash was an ewallet with rewards, and I thought a cryptocurrency might have some benefits. I had a developer fork Novacoin (which in itself was a fork of Peercoin) - it took 4 weeks to do (these days it takes a few seconds to create a coin or token). It was a scrypt based coin and is still running, but I didn't really continue pushing it as we were busy working to become an Electronic Money Issuer in the Philippines. There was some interest in China in 2017 during the ICO craze and we talked about reviving it, but the Chinese crackdowns on ICOs stopped that.

In early 2019 I recreated TAG on Ethereum (TAGBOND (TAG) Token Tracker | Etherscan) in preparation for use in Tagbond and Tagcash with the option of burning the old TagCoin to the new Tokens and for sales to customers to use in our products. It is much easier to take payments for anything blockchain or crypto related using Tokens than by credit and debit cards. (Companies like Stripe and Paypal don't allow it in their terms and conditions.) It is also easier to sell the tokens using swap mechanisms like Uniswap where you can currently exchange TAG tokens for ETH and USDT - Just in case, the liquidity there is locked for 3 months to avoid any "rugpulling" - via team.finance

Currently, TAG can be used on Tagbond to create Non Fungible Tokens, but we are building our own Ethereum based Sidechain (TagChain) where the native currency is TAG. This will be used for smart contract deployment, payments inside Tagcash and Tagbond, and for bonding into Non Fungible Tokens for release on future burns (the process of destroying a token on the blockchain and getting back embedded value). And of course, as we build more mini apps inside Tagcash application, we will be using  TAG as a rewards currency, my original vision.

So, TAG can be traded on Uniswap against USDT and ETH, earned or bought inside Tagcash or Tagbond, and also traded on Stellar and moved easily back and forth between the Tagcash wallet and any external Stellar Wallets. We are also building a Token Bridge where TAG can be moved to and from the Ethereum Mainnet and TagChain. While that is being built we transfer manually.

I will  post future articles on other uses of TAG as they happen.:-)